Friday, August 26, 2016

Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lovers - Live At Last (HD)

"What Do We Have To Lose?

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O.K. DONALD TRUMP Wow.. What Can I Say??

"U R Right About That!! "U R That Man.. "U R The Man..

This Sound Good !! But "Mr. TRUMP" "Can You Do Something About The Useless Killings Of Black Lives Lost By The Hands Of Our Own Local, On Duty POLICE Department?.. God Knows, This Is Something That Is Being Avoided And Ignored By The Democrats And Republican Parties. It Looks Like No One Can Put Their Foot Down Or Get This Matter Up Into The Supreme Court. What Parties Are Doing Something About It Now?? NONE!!.. Come On TRUMP Let's See "What U Can Do..

I Think You Can Get This Black VOTE..
Straight Talk!! Cause IT Look Like

You're Going Up Against Most Of The Mass Media.. Democratic And The Republican Parties All Alone. The Media.. They're Being Unfair To You And Your Lovely Family.. That's COLD.
Message From: Stevie Wonder - Lately
& Dj StoneMichaelNow Jackson, MagicWorld Communication Group inc.
& Cut Master Greg. -V-

"People "Please Support Our Drive:
For Real Change.